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A few ( Why ) Questions

A few ( Why ) Questions Answered.

  1. Why won't my dog follow me or come when called anymore ?

    That usually occures from a very early age when we fail to nurture the natural instinct of a puppy to follow its leader /elder. When nurtured, this instinct will remain prominent in the dogs mind and his desire to do so.

  2. Why does my dog jump up on me or anyone all the time ?

    Dogs are inadvertently taught to do just that at a very early age. For our own convience we would rather our new puppy jump up towards us, rather than we getting down on the floor at his level. The result is now, we have a dog that is jumping up to greet us and getting us dirty or scratching. The dog is completely content with this long allowed freedom from day one, and is most probably puzzled why we are not. The reason is because it is what we unintentionaly taught him to do.

  3. Why does my dog growl or snap when i want to touch his food ?

    The dog is just doing what dogs do when they are among thier own kind, establishing who goes first at meal time. Although they are domesticated they are still dogs and view everything from a dogs  perspective.

  4. Why does my dog bark constantly ?

    The 3 major reasons are ( Bordom, Attention seeking or seperation anxiety ). There are ways to combat  these reasons and more ! 

  5. Why won't my dog eat his dry dog food, but will eat everything else ?

    In two words, Taste & Smell. If a dog picks up on your weakness for his well being where food is concerned, then he will continue to refuse that what he does not want, and eat that what smells and taste better to him, even if it is not  healthy for him. A table spoon full of canned dog food mixed well with his dry dog food should do the trick and keep him healthy, from a nutritional stand point. NOTE: Use a canned dog food  from the same manufacturer as the dry dog food when possible.

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