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Serving Chicago and surrounding areas

My Take

There is a time when we come to the realization that all we know about our dog is not enough, and the reality is, it never will be. But I see that to be a positive, because it affords us the ability to see that there is always room for improvement. Pups2Pals was founded on the mind set that “all we know about our dog will always be equal to what we don’t know”. Through out my life I have experienced all the emotions, anticipations and thrills of owning a new dog. I as well as most of us have made a few mistakes for lack of a better understanding of them, instead relying on the love and deep interest for this species. Changing my perspective on some things was crucial to my success, eliminating some of the old myths and beliefs on the most effective way to raise a dog. Although discipline is unavoidable at times, hitting with news papers and other objects is a big NO! NO!” Discipline should be done in a way that is better for the dog to understand, and not make him/her afraid of you because that can lead to serious behavior problems down the road. Working with your puppy paves the way to a better more manageable adult dog. Certain behavioral and technical training modifications on your part, as well as patience and never ending consistency will get you where you need to be with the partnership for you and your dog. I encourage everyone to seek professional assistance with your new member of the family, especially first time dog or puppy owners.